Chief Technology Officer

Location: 64000 Pau, France

We're Lipstip. Build the future of IP protection with us! Just 6 months young, our dynamic startup is passionately paving the way in creating cutting-edge solutions in the field of innovations protection. Our mission? Continuously bring unparalleled production tools to the Intellectual Property practitioners and innovators.

In less than 6 month we developed a first prototype. Actually, we need a CTO who can get hands-on, steer our tech direction, and make informed decisions. Think you're up for it and bring us value for building tools ensuring robust protection against imitation and driving a surge in authentic European industrial activity? Join us!

Educational Qualifications:

Master's or higher degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, or a related field from a recognized institution. An advanced degree (PhD) would be a significant plus.


Python, algorithm optimization, Docker, Kubernetes, OVH, GCP, Azure, scripting, GitLab, CI/CD, automation, IaaS, SaaS, micro-services, Node.js

Lipstip is a startup dedicated to the development of tools accelerating and improving the protection of innovations.

Your leadership will be pivotal in guiding our tech direction. Overseeing and refining our DevOps/MLOps pipeline is a part of this, ensuring smooth CI/CD cycles, robust application performance, and secure, efficient infrastructure.

Your depth of knowledge in algorithms and cloud computing will guide Lipstip's design and deployment of cloud-native systems. With the complexities of cloud platforms, your role in ensuring we leverage the best strategies, whether it's choosing between IaaS, PaaS, or other managed services, will be invaluable.

If you want to join us, please send you CV and a letter describing what we can generate together. During the process, you will meet some of your future teammates in different parts of the recruitment process which will look like this:

  • 30mn call with one of our founders.
  • 30mn call with one or several of your future teammates.
  • A last interview on-site (when possible) to meet with founders and visit the office.