Our mission: continuously bring unparalleled IP production tools to the practitioners

Lipstip team combine over half a century of expertise in protecting innovation with the latest advances in mathematics to produce pioneering tools that streamline previously tedious tasks, minimize errors, and meet market needs.

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Augmented, but always in control

Where innovation protection demands extraordinary skill and defies routine, empowered with our fusion of technology and expertise you will be elevated to new levels of efficiency.

We invest heavily in R&D and collaborate with top-tier research centers to stay ahead in technological and mathematical advances. Our proprietary tools, the culmination of profound IP expertise and cutting-edge mathematical integration, enable the crafting of advanced protection strategies for innovations, even for challenges previously deemed too intricate.

Our tools guarantee unmatched quality standards and swift innovation protection.

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Our impact?

Fortifying European industries with tools ensuring robust IP protection against and driving a surge in authentic European industrial activity

We steer towards European leadership in digitalizing innovation protection production and thus create a significant impact on how the European industries will be able to protect their markets in the coming years.

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